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With the increasing prevalence of data breaches, consumers and business are increasing becoming victims of identity fraud. Identity fraud impacts most every business, driving up the cost of managing risk and compliance. Account takeovers and account origination fraud are the top two issues that financial companies face.


Criminals use stolen and fraudulent accounts to commit fraud and to launder money. IdentityMind fights this with Identity Fraud Prevention, Digital Identity, and AML and KYC solutions powered by patented digital identity technology.

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Aite Report“Fraud, Authentication, and Orchestration Hubs: A Path To Greater Agility”


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The IdentityMind Platform: A Mature Orchestration Hub

The IdentityMind Platform: A Mature Orchestration Hub

The recent report by AITE Group: “Fraud, Authentication, and Orchestration Hubs: A Path To Greater Agility”, reinforces the strategic value of the Identity Platform we have built. Download the Full Report We designed our Platform on the premise that the...

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Why Cryptocurrency Companies are Filing more SARs than Ever

Why Cryptocurrency Companies are Filing more SARs than Ever

Recently, Ken Blanco, the director of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) announced that Cryptocurrency companies have filed 7,000 Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) since May. This is amazing when you consider that since 2013 cryptocurrency...

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Fighting Risk through Digital Identities

"Our overall vision of bringing integrity and trust to the digital world continues to guide us. The centerpiece of that will remain digital identities and deeper than this are trusted digital identities. In between, we will continue to drive towards great accuracy. We...

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What We Do

IdentityMind supports your AML and fraud prevention needs across a range of solutions covering Know Your Customer (KYC), sanctions screening, anti-money laundering (AML) transaction monitoring, account takeover prevention and chargeback detection. We help you ensure regulatory compliance and protect against fraud losses with digital identities, providing the most complete picture of a customer’s risk.

Instead of analyzing entities and attributes of a transaction in isolation, IdentityMind builds and verifies identities and draws correlations with other entities and attributes such as shared physical and email addresses. We focus on answering four questions:

1) Is This a Real User?

2) Are They Who They Say They Are?

3) Can I Do Business With Them?

IdentityMind Know Your Customer | KYC

4) Should I Do Business With Them?

Our patented eDNA™ technology securely tracks the entities involved in each transaction (e.g. onboarding, account origination, money transfers, online payments, etc.) to build unique digital identity trust reputations. This reputation is anonymously shared between customers in IdentityMind’s Global Identity Network, giving you an edge over bad actors who often operate across multiple services.

With IdentityMind you can easily employ a risk-based approach, which is favored by regulators, and benefit from a user-focused process that reduces alert fatigue and speeds analysis. IdentityMind helps you automate risk and compliance functions by reducing the volume of alerts and improving remaining alerts, to facilitate meaningful investigations. The net effect is operational efficiency without compromising the financial safety of you or your customers.

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