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We fight to protect and to win the financial crime battle. Like you, we fight money laundering, we fight financing of terror, we fight human trafficking and we fight fraud.

We see the pace of digital channels, as they move beyond physical channels, and we’ve seen that the old world credit bureau-led, static data model for assessing risk is not enough. We’ve all seen the result in the countless data breaches that have exposed the confidential and private information of some 143 million U.S. consumers to hackers and other nefarious users. And, every day there seems to be another one.

Our fight started in 2013 with the launch of IdentityMind. We were and continue to be passionate about fighting financial crime. We focused on the simple principle of injecting integrity into the digital world by building a platform that featured next generation technology, trusted digital identities. We pioneered the building of digital identities and have continued to lead the market with a technology platform that has received many patents along the way. This technology uniquely identifies each individual in a frictionless manner and helps determine the risk that they pose to your business. It is uniquely accurate due to the ability to capture and assess a wide variety of attributes that help identify banked and unbanked alike; and due to advanced IdentityLink, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities. It is delivered through REST API’s and is cloud-based and real time, helping solve operational issues that high volume manual processes face. It creates identity assets that can be anonymously shared (powerful encryption keeps the identity contents private) across customers, business units and companies, updating the identity and its associated risk with each interaction.

We are headquartered in Palo Alto California, with offices in Spokane, Beijing, Mexico City, Toronto, Los Angeles, Miami, and Luxembourg.

Ultimately, with IdentityMind, you’ll see the world of good actors and bad actors outside of your walls, so that you can have the advantage in your fight against financial crime. Our platform will help you reduce onboarding fraud and transaction fraud, and enhance AML compliance, sanctions screening, and KYC compliance. It continuously builds, validates, and risk scores digital identities through electronic DNA (eDNA™) technology to ensure global business safety and compliance from customer onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle.

We are passionate about helping you eliminate your business risks by identifying and stopping financial crime in real time.

That’s why we fight financial crime and win.

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Sample Vendor in Identity Proofing and Corroboration

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Featured In

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