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KYC Compliance for ICOs Made Easier

February 14, 2018

Risk and Compliance can look complicated from the point of view of an ICO-issuer. For some issuers, risk and compliance is not part of their every day business, and simply a newly required step for the ICO. However, for all issuers, regulators want to know that they have performed due diligence (KYC – Know Your […]

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Panel Discussion – The Present and Future of RegTech

September 29, 2016

On August 25th, IdentityMind. in conjunction with the Lending Times, hosted a panel discussion in San Francisco, California. The panel was focused on the adoption of RegTech and how it can help companies as they scale. Here’s a look into what was discussed. Automating The Right Things An important rule of technology is that automation applied […]

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Trusted Digital Identities (TDI™)

September 1, 2016

Traditional financial institutions and FinTech businesses are dealing with increased online fraud, and with stringent regulations that have driven compliance operational costs up. In 2014, for instance, 62% of companies were targets of payment fraud, and compliance fines by regulatory bodies in the US account for more than $10 Billion. In order to mitigate fraud […]

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Regulatory Compliance Agility With RegTech

August 9, 2016

Everything from innovation to transaction volume is rapidly increasing in the digital world. And as transaction volume goes so does fraud, money laundering and the cost of regulatory compliance. For instance, since October 2015, online e-commerce fraud has jumped 11% in the US. In monetary losses, that means that $4.79 out of every $100 are at risk of […]

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New Webinar: “Mobile Payments: Disruptive innovations or security threat?”

July 21, 2016

On July 20th, Bright Talk hosted a webinar titled: Mobile Payments: Disruptive innovations or security threat? The distinguished panel included IdentityMind’s Head of Products and Marketing, Jose Caldera. Other panelists included Kristian Sørensen from Norfico, Mario Maawad from CaixaBank, Giles Sutherland from Carta, and Douglas Kinloch from Inside Secure.

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