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Bitcoin AML and Anti-Money Laundering for Virtual Currencies




IdentityMind offers full bitcoin anti-money laundering services and tools as part of a full Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program enabling Banks, Money Services Businesses, and Money Transmitters to meet U.S. (FinCEN) and worldwide regulations. IDMRisk offers a full Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program enabling virtual currency companies, including Bitcoin Exchanges, to meet U.S. (FinCEN) and worldwide regulations. Our AML program provides you with a fully integrated suite combining professional services and technology to help you:

  • Protect your business against Money Laundering: you can now apply strict customer identification verification and implement automated transaction monitoring policies and procedures.
  • Establish important banking partnerships: to grow and thrive as a trusted company in the virtual currency world, you need support from traditional banks and financial institutions. Our AML program will offer you the protection, processes, visibility and reporting you need to build and maintain these partnerships.
  • Save money and time: our highly automated AML program ensures you receive the best quality product at a reasonable price. You receive the best professional services coupled with advanced technology.

The turn-key AML program you need to establish strategic banking partnerships.

Strong protection against Money Laundering

Know if the personal information presented by your customer matches the data captured from the transaction, or other information available on public and private databases. Automatically detect the most sophisticated money laundering schemes, and find signs of suspicious activity. We’ve put years of experience in the Anti-Money Laundering field and superior technology, at your service.

Multiple Options for Identity Verification

Identity Verification is a key component of bitcoin AML IMDRisk’s proprietary eDNA technology matches all the parameters captured from a transaction to find any suspicious signs of identity theft. Our platform builds complete electronic identities, combining personal information entered by users at the moment of registration (name, address, email, phone, ID numbers, etc.), with other parameters captured in the online transaction (IP Geolocation, device information)
.You can have further verification, if your business requires stronger authentication, such as: risk associated with a specific phone number or address; probability to contact the user based on some of their personal information; matching of customer’s personal information against public & private databases (billing records of major Telecom companies, public records, public subscriber databases).

Automated Transaction Monitoring

We help you create the rules needed to monitor your transactions, and our platform enforces them automatically – analyzing your transactions in real time, or over specific periods of time, to detect money movements that could be associated with bitcoin AML.

Regulatory Protection you Need to Partner and Grow

The U.S. Treasury Department Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has provided guidance twice this year alone on bitcoin AML and requiring virtual currency exchanges to follow some of the same regulations that apply to traditional financial institutions. Any company looking to partner with financial institutions will need to ensure AML regulation compliance. IDMRisk ensures you with regulation piece of mind.

Automation for Rapid Growth and Efficiency

Our program is the most cost effective way for you to establish a full AML program. IdentityMind supplements the manual processes associated with any AML program, with automation and advanced technology. Technology provides you with an efficient AML solution with visibility deeper into consumer verification than ever before. The depth ensures you protect your business against money laundering and meet regulation requirements.

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This white paper is intended to provide cryptocurrency companies, and the bitcoin industry in general, with an introduction to the essential terms, practices, and regulations related to compliance that every company should know. Our goal is to provide the resources needed to facilitate a meaningful conversation around regulation and anti-money laundering requirements as acceptance and legislation moves forward.


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