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Demo: EntityLink API

May 14, 2018

Understanding risk is more than compiling a lot of identity attributes. IdentityMind provides answers across risk and compliance needs through our Entity Link API. Part of our larger RegTech API, the Entity Link API goes beyond attributes by providing the analysis and machine intelligence to determine whether the entity on the other side of the […]

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Demo: Reducing Risk with Identity Graph Intelligence

Identity Graph Intelligence uncovers complex risk and money laundering scenarios in real time by applying big data analysis to the correlation of a digital entity’s identity attributes, transactions, and behaviors. The complexity of the identity graph (diversity, depth, and reputation) has a strong correlation to the risk of a transaction – the more complex the […]

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Podcast: Creating Digital Identities to Protect Against Fraud & Money Laundering

April 13, 2018

Future Technologies Poised to Transform Our Lives for the Better are the focus of this podcast. Almost here means these technologies are Now Here, or Just Around the Corner: from Bitcoin to Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Blockchain, Virtual Reality and More. IdentityMind provides back-end software to 25 cryptocurrency exchanges that helps them meet various government […]

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Podcast: Neal Reiter of IdentityMind on Crypto Fraud Risk

Fraud risk is so much higher in cryptocurrency than in other areas of finance, Reiter says. Up to 20 percent of Coinbase’s staff are engaged in compliance issues alone for this reason. Listen to the interview to find out why this is.

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Webinar: Kill Excel

February 23, 2018

Financial institutions that need to perform transaction monitoring for anti-money laundering (AML) tend to start using spreadsheet tools like Microsoft® Excel to record, evaluate, and report to the regulatory bodies. However, as operations grow, the limitations of Excel become apparent very quickly.

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Webinar Summary: 19 Regulatory Insights for ICOs Worldwide

Takeaways from our late 2017 Webinar on ICO regulation around the world. Our panel of regulatory experts included: Angela Chartrand – Founder at Sentinence  Sarah Hody – Associate at Perkins Cole  Marco Santori – Partner at Cooley

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