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David Andrews

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As you might know, we feel very strongly about our mission of stopping bad actors involved in financial crimes and the human crimes that sit behind them. This was one of our founding premises and a fundamental tenet at IdentityMind. Since our founding, we have built software focused on stopping financial crimes. We’ve talked about it in previous blog posts such as this one. That mission doesn’t stop with technology or software. 

Two weeks ago, we sponsored a table at the fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House in Spokane. Although we are headquartered in Palo Alto, many of our team members are at our Spokane office, and they attended to provide support for an important cause.

Many of us will battle or have had a loved one who has battled a serious illness. These illnesses can affect us even early on and they affect everyone differently, and they can stress the limits of any family. The Ronald McDonald House does an amazing job helping families stay together while dealing with a seriously ill or injured child. As you can imagine having a serious medical crisis with a child is terrifying for all involved and Ronald McDonald House does a great job reducing the unknowns and providing assistance to families going through this.

At the event, there was a silent auction tent and the parade of hats (this is where ladies walk on the field to see who has the best hat). There were several additional opportunities to contribute/donate and support the Ronald McDonald House.

We are proud to help out. We can all give and help more than we know!