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Known as the largest international money transfer and cross-border payments conference, IMTC EMEA 2019 is a forum for money service businesses, banks, and payment processors to gather and discuss regulatory issues, leading-edge technology solutions, and more. With IMTC EMEA in London right around the corner, we wanted to share our thoughts on the sessions you just can’t miss this year.

Innovation, Fintech & The Blockchain

Monday, July 1, 9:30–10:15 a.m.

In this session about the evolution of innovations in Fintech, Regtech, Remtech, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies in the financial services industry — with specific focus on money transfers, remittances, and payments — panelists will discuss how advances in blockchain, AI, machine learning, and compliance technology are changing and improving the financial landscape. Entities within these sectors face a host of risk and compliance challenges, especially with respect to verifying identities during the onboarding process and understanding the trustworthiness of individuals with which they wish to do business with.

Money service businesses have always cut a unique path. Working across borders and with customers at retail and online, the risk and compliance issues that they deal with are more than traditional processes can handle. This is why Regtech’s innovative solutions have always been a good match. It provides the tools that allow a wide array of business, including MSBs, to process transactions at Internet speed, and to understand the risk of the myriad entities that they encounter as they do business within and across borders. IdentityMind has been at the forefront of innovation, introducing trusted digital identities and automation that allow companies to reduce their risk exposure and increase their compliance efficiency at scale.

If you’re looking to make the leap from manual transaction monitoring to a RegTech solution, check out our guide on how to use automated RegTech systems to make your compliance processes more effective and efficient.

The Compliance Challenges & Opportunities of Online Payment Services

Monday, July 1, 2:30–3:00 p.m.

Digital services have introduced a new set of challenges that we need to be aware of. We also need to know which tools are available to ensure we are compliant and can do so efficiently. In this panel session, speakers will discuss some of the up-and-coming tools that make maintaining compliance around the world easier. In facing some of the challenges of compliance in Europe, for instance, attendees of this panel will speak to GDPR, maintaining data privacy, and what compliance professionals need to be aware of when planning and executing an international expansion.

IdentityMind has been focused on accurate and flexible compliance in the digital world from day one. When meeting the needs of the money transfer industry, it is important that the chosen technology platform is flexible enough to handle a variety of regulations in different geographies but to also be able to get a good read on the risk of the person on the other end of the transaction. IdentityMind was architected with this in mind. We are also designed to support small teams by increasing automation, optimizing escalations through workflow to ensure that compliance efforts are met.

Click here to learn more about our platform for Money Service Businesses. And to see how IdentityMind fits into your GDPR compliance efforts, take a look at the IdentityMind GDPR Compliance guide.

Going Digital

Tuesday, July 2, 12:30–1:00 p.m.

In this panel, industry experts will discuss the trends in the mobile, online, card, and mobile wallet solutions, the current state of the market, and some of the current and ongoing issues with cash in and cash out. The challenges, opportunities, and regulations associated with “going digital” will also be discussed.

The money transfer industry started out with processes designed to allow cash in and cash out at retail outlets. Mobile introduced a new branch office — one that was in every customer’s hand. While the opportunity in the digital world is huge, it is also extremely different. Trust is not purely paper-based or based on knowing the customer. And, risk is compounded simply by the vastly larger pool of people that you may encounter. The IdentityMind platform was designed to help companies reduce risk and enable easier compliance in the digital world. And, we have long been a partner with MSBs and companies such as Pontual, AirTM, and nanopay, who rely on IdentityMind for their AML compliance needs.

Click here to see our AirTM case study and hear about how they addressed their compliance issues.

Will you be at IMTC EMEA 2019? Look for Enterprise Sales Director, Martin Lee, and visit IdentityMind at booth S3. Until then, find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, read our blog and check out our Resources and our other upcoming events.