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This March, we celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. During this month, on the IdentityMind Blog, we will feature profiles of the women who help make IdentityMind hum. We think these stories will inspire, and give you a glimpse into some of what women can achieve in the tech field.

-Garrett Gafke, Chairman and CEO, IdentityMind

Ashley Stanley | Lead Client Success Manager

Ashley is IdentityMind’s Lead Client Success Manager. She leads the support team and provides the guidance needed for others to learn how to be client advocates. To enhance the success of our KYC and AML compliance solutions, Ashley and her team do everything in their power to ensure that our customers can be proud and satisfied with the IdentityMind offering.

Highlighting the importance of the Trusted Digital Identities that separate us from competitors, Ashley helps our internal team and our clients understand the IdentityMind difference. Kanoe Knight, a Customer Success Manager who works with Ashley explains, “One of the things I most appreciate about Ashley is her willingness to help wherever needed. She’s a true team player, and her commitment to her customers is incredible. She’s constantly looking for ways to either improve, or find a solution for any issues that arise.”

Ashley is a Colville Confederated Tribe Member and a descendant of the Lakes Band. The Colville Confederated Tribe is a consolidated tribe of 12 local Inland Northwest (INW) bands, including the Chief Joseph band of Nez Perce near the Washington-Canada border. Born in Spokane Valley, Ashley was raised by her grandparents in Inchelium, Washington, until she was four, when she was adopted by her aunt and uncle and raised in Spokane, where she continues to live today.

Always industrious and hard-working, Ashley got her first job at 14 working for Zip’s Drive-In. Since then, she has taken every opportunity to improve her chances of success and make a better life for herself and her family. Prior to working for IdentityMind, Ashley was a credit card processor specializing in e-commerce with Merchant E-Solutions (MeS), where she worked her way up to become Manager of the Account Setup and PCI Compliance teams for more than 11 years.

After being referenced in, Ashley was asked by IdentityMind CEO, Garrett Gafke, to join the team and assist with opening a new operations branch in Spokane, where she would manage the IdentityMind clientbase. “We immediately knew she would be a great fit based on her customer focus and get-it-done attitude,” Garrett says, adding, “We just love Ashley — she’s an integral part of the IdentityMind culture. Her ability to put our customers first makes her such an important part of what we aspire to every day.” Ashley helped to establish the IdentityMind Spokane office, where she currently leads her Customer Success Manager (CSM) team, including team members with product development, implementation, and support, as well as fintech experience. “Ashley has a wealth of industry and IdentityMind platform knowledge. She’s a team leader — always willing to help,” says another Spokane-based Customer Success Manager, Chad Mayer, adding, “She’s so in tune with her customers — she’s an amazing customer advocate.”

“Working with IdentityMind and succeeding the way I have as native makes me so proud,” Ashley says, adding, “To know that our SaaS Platform helps prevent sex trafficking with our detection measures adds to those reasons — because this is an epidemic with our native women and children today that does not have the notoriety or voice we are fighting to expose.”

Ashley continues to build our Spokane team and maintain our client relationships, and says she’s continuously developing true friendships every day, which is a meaningful part of the works she enjoys. Advocating for clients and helping to navigate them to success through planning with our engineering, operations, finance, marketing, and sales departments to achieve their goals.

When she’s not helping customers succeed at IdentityMind, Ashley loves exploring the outdoors, and enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, and gardening every chance she gets.