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This March, we celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. During this month, on the IdentityMind Blog, we will feature profiles of the women who help make IdentityMind hum. We think these stories will inspire, and give you a glimpse into some of what women can achieve in the tech field.

-Garrett Gafke, Chairman and CEO, IdentityMind

Jana Alonso | Product Manager

Jana is part of the IdentityMind Product team, where she works as the Product Manager. She works with our clients to obtain feedback, and subsequently, learn how we can make our KYC and AML compliance products better. It’s also Jana’s job to make sure that clients are getting the most out of the IdentityMind SaaS platform and our other offerings.

Jana grew up in Monterrey, Mexico, and is the third of four daughters. She recalls her childhood as an active and happy one, noting that her parents were very focused on helping Jana and her sisters understand the importance of independence and freedom on a personal level. Growing up, Jana remembers that one of her parents’ favorite things to say was, “More liberty, more responsibility,” something that sticks with her to this day. “The more I decide to take on, the more I am responsible for making sure I’m not negatively affecting others with my decisions,” Jana explains, adding, “It’s up to me to accomplish what I set out to do.”

Her goal-setting approach to life and work are no secret at IdentityMind, where Jana is known for her hard work, dedication, and clever spirit. As an intellectually and culturally curious person, Jana, like many others on the IdentityMind team, is well traveled, and has lived everywhere from Germany and the UK to China, Bali, and Indonesia. Her international travels made her the well-rounded person we know and work with today, as Cynthia Tham, Head of Engineering explains. “My first impression of Jana was that she is kind and caring. Overtime, I also learned that she’s fearless. She is a sponge and will learn anything to get the job done — she has this ‘nothing is rocket science, I will learn it’ attitude,” Cynthia says, adding, “I’m often in awe at how quickly Jana became an expert in our product with the ability to assist our clients in making the most of it on a regular basis.”

Discussing her introduction to IdentityMind, Jana explains she was working for meXBT, a crypto exchange client of IdentityMind, when she says she fell in love with the team and the product, and knew she needed to work with IdentityMind. Jana believes in the power of a positive mindset during the problem-solving process, suggesting that it gives her a perspective that’s better for getting to an outcome that’s also positive. “I think being able to understand the needs of our clients and being able to convey these needs to our team is one of the most interesting things my work requires of me,” Jana says, noting that, “Making sure our clients understand how important they are to us is the most important part of my job, so I’m always sure to convey this in every communication.”

Jana enjoys working and living in Mexico City; she resides in Miguel Hidalgo, an urban enclave known for its museums and views of Chapultepec Castle. When she’s not taking care of business at IdentityMind, you’ll find Jana relaxing at home, out dancing with friends, and enjoying movies.