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This March, we celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. During this month, on the IdentityMind Blog, we will feature profiles of the women who help make IdentityMind hum. We think these stories will inspire, and give you a glimpse into some of what women can achieve in the tech field.

-Garrett Gafke, Chairman and CEO, IdentityMind

Jun Liang | Senior QA Engineer

Jun is a Senior Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer in the IdentityMind Engineering department. She initially joined IdentityMind as an Implementation Engineer, then moved over to the QA team. Because she knows the features of our patented eDNA and IdentityLink API well, Jun has a knack for being able to see things from the client perspective. Jun also has keen analytical abilities and strong methodical testing skills for the QA position she holds.

Born into a family of health workers in Shanghai, China, Jun attended Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and received her Master of Science degree in Chinese medicine. After graduation, Jun practiced Chinese medicine in Hong Kong for three years before joining the China branch of Johnson & Johnson as a hospital supervisor and product manager. Five years later, her career was interrupted by her immigration to the US, where she decided to study computer science. Two years after enrolling in a graduate program at Eastern Washington University, Jun completed her graduate work with a specialty in multimedia design. After 10 years of experience at two different tech companies, Jun landed her ideal job at IdentityMind.

“Growing up in a foreign country, and originally trained in a different field, I had to overcome some obstacles, including the language barrier, family relocation, cultural conflict, and professional retooling, to get to where I am today,” Jun tells us, adding, “Changes bring people both inconveniences and opportunities. Unanticipated circumstances forced me to adapt to new environments and start a fresh career quickly.” After moving to the US, Jun’s career changed from the medical field to the tech field. With 10 years of experience with a credit card processing company and a multimedia software developing company, in March 2015, Jun joined the team at IdentityMind, which she says opened a new world for her. “I learn new things every day and feel a great deal of fulfillment in my daily life,” Jun explains.

In one performance review, her supervisor, Cynthia Tham, Head of Engineering, wrote, “Jun has become an influencer in the company in her own quiet manner. She’s seen as someone with a lot of passion for quality and respect for her coworkers.” Cynthia also praises what she says is Jun’s “unique ability to take a complex feature and break it down to manageable and testable pieces,” noting this kind of professional quality truly “distinguishes Jun from the crowd.”

With a great attitude and hard work ethic, Jun is always willing to meet new challenges. She’s always open to any new idea or assignment, and she believes in teamwork. When asked what it’s like to work in tech, Jun explains, “Although the world of high tech is still a male-dominated field, I am never afraid of expressing my views or making suggestions to my colleagues — never underestimate the wisdom of a woman!”

In her leisure time, Jun enjoys traveling, photography, music, and all things fashion. In defense of her shopping habit, Jun quotes Coco Chanel: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Jun adds, “Art and fashion bring a lot of joy and creativity to my life.” But, Jun’s personal style runs a lot deeper than what she chooses to wear. Her ability, deep understanding, and unrivaled experience make her a true asset to the IdentityMind team.