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The IdentityMind Blog

Taking Your AML Operations from Wish List to Success

June 22, 2018

You know what you need to do to make your AML program a success. But, the gap between what you know you need and what you can deliver relegates those plans to the wish list. You’ve tried connecting different systems and data sources but find yourself stuck with a limited system that cannot keep up […]

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IdentityMind 2.0 is Here

June 7, 2018

Five years of of innovation The insights of over 250 clients 40 iterations All of this has led us to IdentityMind 2.0. We’re very proud to be here, launching a new generation of AML transaction monitoring. And, we’re excited to tell you about it. Our compliance and risk management knowledge, marketplace experience, and conversations with […]

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IdentityMind 2.0: How our Clients Helped us Shape Transaction Monitoring

May 25, 2018

Transaction monitoring is the centerpiece of a successful AML compliance program, and is required to meet AML and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) regulations. However, we know that companies have to contend with the high cost of compliance operations, often due to outdated, unreliable compliance systems that hold back potential success. For IdentityMind 2.0, we completely rethought […]

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Reducing the Burden of GDPR Compliance Cost

March 16, 2018

When we began designing our now patented Digital Identity technology — Electronic DNA (eDNA™) — one of the first discussions we had was how to build a technology that created a digital identity, while preserving individual’s privacy. Our principles were very clear and have not changed: our technology doesn’t store or disclose information that could compromise an individual’s identity. […]

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IdentityMind Platform Release v1.37: What’s New

March 9, 2018

The latest release of the IdentityMind platform, version 1.37, is out. This release boosts the coverage we provide through sanctions screening lists, adds an advanced statistical analysis tool for transaction monitoring, and delivers a few bug fixes with document verification.

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IdentityMind Platform Release v1.36: What’s New

February 15, 2018

The latest release of the IdentityMind platform, version 1.36, is out. This release strengthens verification capabilities for merchant onboarding, allows more granular geographic blocking and continues to build the AML UI. AML Transaction Monitoring Because a good transaction monitoring platform helps analysts manage the volume and complexity of transactions associated with AML Transaction Monitoring processes, […]

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