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Every year, payment processors, merchant service providers, international money transfer companies, card companies, remittance service providers, and payment services from around the world attend the International Money Transfer and Cross-Border Payments Conference (IMTC). Participants come to network, develop partnerships, and ultimately, help the financial industry evolve through new ideas, new technologies, and new opportunities. Among the many reasons to attend are the sessions and panel discussions. Here are our top four picks for IMTC World 2018:


The US Money Service Business Industry

Wednesday, November 14, 9:40–10 a.m.

Moderator: Hugo Cuevas-Mohr

Panelists: Kathy Tomasofski, Money Services Business Association (MSBA), TBA

In this session, moderator Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, Kathy Tomasofski, Director of the Money Service Business Association, and panelists will discuss industry trends and the future of the Money Services Business (MSB) industry.

MSBs need fraud prevention and regulatory compliance services to safely meet customer needs and to ensure that nefarious actors are not using money transfers for fraudulent purposes. IdentityMind provides fraud prevention and compliance capabilities together in its SaaS-based platform. With IdentityMind, MSBs can enjoy the benefits of agile and accurate customer onboarding and transaction risk assessment that scales as their business grows. You’ll stay ahead of international AML regulations and reduce the cost of doing business. Read more about our integrated compliance platform with a single solution for payments, risk compliance, transaction monitoring, fraud prevention, and sanctions and PEP screening for MSBs by clicking here.


Money Transfers: The Long-Awaited Disruption

Wednesday, November 14, 10:00–10:30 a.m.

Speaker: Yakov Kofner, Gartner and @SaveOnSend

Those who follow the money transfer space have long awaited a disruption that still evades the industry, but that hasn’t stopped firms within this sphere from growing exponentially across the US, Mexico, and dozens of other countries. As these entities grow around the world, so, too must their ability to scale solutions for compliance, including KYC, AML, and sanctions. In this session, you’ll hear the Founder of SaveOnSend and Gartner Consulting Managing Partner, Yakov Kofner, discuss his views and analysis of the money transfer marketplace, digital payment services strategy, and implementation of digital capabilities for the money transmitter industry.

As money transfer companies grow and expand internationally, they must be AML-compliant in multiple geographies. And, they need a solution for fraud prevention that ensures the safety of transactions across multiple geographies. With IdentityMind, you’ll make onboarding as seamless as possible to capture good customers while also being able to recognize the bad guys before they have a chance to exploit your money transfer platform and good business reputation. IdentityMind’s award-winning, all-in-one risk management service and compliance platform are proven to reduce transaction fraud up to 60% and onboarding fraud up to 90%. With our online fraud detection and risk compliance platform, you’ll have access to the IdentityMind Reputation database of 250+ million digital identities worldwide, allowing you to know whether a user should be trusted before you do business with them. Our patent-pending technology builds, analyzes, and verifies digital identities with the ability to understand an individual’s known associations. Plus, IdentityMind improves the accuracy and efficiency of sanctions screening and Politically Exposed Person (PEP) search using graph intelligence.


New Frontiers in Fintech

Wednesday, November 14, 2:30–3:30 p.m.

Moderator: Rob Ayers, Fintech Advisors

As the fintech marketplace continues to grow and expand, startup financial firms are beginning to move into spaces that have—until recently—been ignored by traditional money transfer operators, money service businesses, and other financial institutions. As a result, new opportunities and new types of partnerships are coming to the fore. This session, moderated by Rob Ayers, offers up a discussion about up-and-coming opportunities for fintechs to get into B2B payments, large value payments, bill payments, and more, especially where the industry is booming: within the corridors from the US to the EU and from the EU to the US. Ayers has worked in key leadership roles at Citigroup, American Express, MoneyGram, Coinstar, WorldRemit, and Chartwell Compliance. In 2016, Ayers established Fintech-Advisors, which focuses on client support for consumers and B2B operations. With more than 25 years of payments and remittance industry experience, Ayers brings a seasoned perspective to this session.

As fintechs expand their footprint in the US and Europe, regulations continue to mount and become more austere, leading to a greater need for more effective regulatory compliance solutions. With IdentityMind KYC solutions, you can see the risk of doing business with the person on the other end of any transaction. Our automated onboarding, supported by our Trusted Digital Identities, allows you to perform identity proofing, leveraging 30+ third-party technology partners to verify data from name and address to submitted documents. To find out more about how we help your KYC processes, stay ahead of compliance regulations, and reduce your risk, click here.


CSBS’ Vision 2020

Friday, November 16, 9:40–10:00 a.m.

Speaker: John Ryan, Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS)

A multitude of new reforms are beginning to shape the financial industry landscape for money service businesses, money transmitters, and other non-traditional financial institutions and companies. In this session, John Ryan will discuss up-and-coming reforms, what they mean to the financial industry, and what financial firms can do to maintain compliance. As the president and CEO of the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS), Ryan offers in-depth perspective and strategic leadership for the advancement of non-banks, transmitters, and other fintechs, and for the implementation of the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS).

Sweeping reforms and restrictive legislation are not new to MSBs, fintechs, and other non-bank financial companies. But, with an influx of new regulations on the horizon, these firms need a way to maintain compliance with a solution that stays ahead of compliance law. IdentityMind 2.0 brings together everything you need to stay compliant in one place—our next-generation AML and KYC platform builds digital identities to facilitate identity verification and analysis, which allows you to identify trusted users and bad actors while adhering to compliance regulations.

What’s more, the IdentityMind SaaS-based platform helps you identify fraudulent identities and spend less time trying to root out suspicious users while showing trusted users the fast lane. Our user-centric, risk-based approach to anti-money laundering and KYC allows you to screen based on the perceived risk instead of driving everyone through the same risk process. To learn more about our AML solutions, how we keep you compliant and protect your business nefarious actors, click here.


And, for those just beginning with startup-level firms, IdentityMind now brings you our RegTech Webstore, providing you with regulatory compliance plug-ins for seamless integration into your existing client interface. With RegTech compliance plug-ins for customer onboarding, transaction monitoring, initial coin offerings, and AML (coming soon), the RegTech Webstore brings you identity verification, sanctions and PEP screening, virtual currency risk assessment, ID and selfie verification, anomaly detection, visual investigation, and more, all from one user-friendly online store featuring hands-on training, expertly guided concierge onboarding, easy-to-follow implementation and reference guides, videos, and other features to ensure you make the most of our compliance features and solutions.


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