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The identity industry’s flagship industry, the KNOW Identity Conference, is only a few days away. We’ve been looking forward to sharing our ideas and expertise with the community shaping the future of the industry. Hosted by One World Identity, the conference brings together a unique combination of leaders in the cybersecurity, trust & safety, and KYC fields to present their takes on identity.

Seeing identity approached from different angles like security, technology, and social inclusion drives home the complex problems organizations think identities can help solve. It’s also exciting to hear from companies who share our goals, and exchange ideas on how they can be achieved. Here are the sessions from the agenda which we found most interesting.

Mobile Identity: The Future of KYC

Date: Monday March 26, 11:30 – 12:30

Panel: Mark Harvey Global Engagement Director at GSMA | Erick Soto Head of Core APIs at BBVA | Stephen Ufford CEO & Founder at Trulioo | Jasvinder Randhawa Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Developing countries like Tanzania, India and the Philippines embraced mobile payments over a decade ago, with the relative affordability of mobile phones making up for a lack of physical as well as technological banking infrastructure. In developed countries, banks have been refining what they offer through mobile channels, building trust in mobile banking. A wealth of information can be picked up through mobile users, with some institutions stating that mobile could be a more secure channel than online.

Mobile channels are great for thin file customers, who are able to participate in the digital economy more easily. However the lack of banking history and traditional forms of verifiable documents can be a challenge from a KYC point of view. IdentityMind is able to cater to these audiences as well using device fingerprints, behavioral data and correlating a range of other attributes in our network to assess the risk of a given user.

For a fraud perspective, IdentityMind has created a guide for Balancing Risk and the Mobile User Experience, taking a close look at the risks and opportunities the mobile channel poses and how that can be thoughtfully applied to mitigating risks and enhancing user experience.

Balancing Risk and the Mobile User Experience

Compliance as a Competitive Advantage


Date: Monday March 26, 13:30 – 14:40

Panel: Thomas Nicholas CEO at Alloy | Sumeet Ajmani General Counsel at Nova Credit | Sean Anderson Founder and COO at Bento for Business | Jose Caldera Chief Marketing Officer at IdentityMind Global

“The best online financial services companies are turning the “burden” imposed by the regulators into an opportunity to better get to know their customers and harness their data. How do startups compete and thrive in a changing regulatory environment? In what ways can technology help organizations both increase compliance coverage in a cost-effective way and provide powerful insights on omni-channel customer interactions?”

Because compliance is a costly mandatory activity, it makes sense to reduce some of the burden by making it more operationally efficient. Automation will help significantly in reducing processing cost and adding flexibility, from tailored onboarding processes to built-in case management and reporting functionalities.

Transforming how the industry sees risk and compliance is key for us, and we are very pleased to have been invited onto the panel for this session. We believe that our digital identities and the reputation scores we assign based on our eDNA™ graph intelligence allow for more accurate analysis and insight for our clients. We have seen this in action through our network where users assigned trusted reputations are safe to do business with 99.98% of the time, while users with suspicious or bad reputations are rejected over 70% of the time.

The Trusted Digital Identities White Paper


Managing Trust in the Sharing Economy


Date: Tuesday March 27, 10:30 – 11:20

Panel: Ajay Yadav CEO at Roomi | Pam Dixon Executive Director at World Privacy Forum | Andreas Zodhiates Manager, Fraud and Risk at Lyft | Lucien de Voux Director, Digital Economy at LexisNexis Risk Solutions | Alexander Martin CEO at AC Global Risk

“When connecting individuals in real life through our products, how do we ensure we’re facilitating their interactions both on platform and off in a way that ensures their trust not just of each other but also us? We’re responsible for not only the goods and services changing hands, but also the payment information and other data that makes the transaction possible.”

Our CEO Garrett Gafke recently contributed a piece to Forbes, pointing out the heavy reliance of the shared economy on physical and digital forms of personally identifiable information (PII). Parties exchange PII to confirm each other’s identity, and this powers the sharing economy, granting access to apartments, cars, and other services. However, most of the information that is leveraged to build trust today is static and prone to breach. We built digital identities as a step beyond static information.

A digital identity combines static information with digital information like online activity, which is dynamic. A customer’s digital footprint can be analyzed to understand their activity and relationships to provided addresses, payment methods, and devices. Taken together, these evolve in real-time as transactions go through, allowing one to better tell apart real and fraudulent users, preserving trust without adding too much friction.

Beyond Authentication in Financial Services: Shifting Security from Defense to Offense


Date: Tuesday March 27, 13:30 – 14:20

Panel: James Whitman Chief Commercial Officer at MEDICI | Jonathan Smith CTO & Co-Founder at Civic Technologies | Alex O’Rourke Partner, Fintech Group Co-Leader at McGuireWoods LLP | Ranjita Iyer VP, Identity Solutions at Mastercard | Rodger Desai CEO at Payfone

“What if authentication and identity were ’solved’ problems? We trust our users, we trust our customers …now what? We’ll explore what forward-thinking financial institutions are already doing today with cutting edge technology that can delight your customers and transform your business.”

When we represent individuals through digital identities, we build them to be reusable assets. By tracking online activity over time like device usage, geographical information, and IP addresses, each asset gains depth and accuracy in our system, with real time risk scoring using machine learning. Using these identities allows businesses and institutions to draw from this continuous learning, and present risky customers with extra checks, and presenting trusted users with an expedited process.

GDPR: Insights, Approaches, Risks and Opportunities


Date: Tuesday March 27, 13:30 – 14:20

Panel: Clare Nelson VP Business Development & Product Strategy at Sedicii | David Thomas Founder & CEO at Evident | Ross Hobbie Product Manager at Google | Michael Hiskey CMO at Semarchy | Louie Gasparini CEO at Covault

“We’ll discuss insights on some of the more interesting GDPR articles, thoughts on implementation strategies and a look forward to what opportunities and risks a post-GDPR world may unlock.”

We are a GDPR-ready data processor that fits into your new or existing GDPR-compliance process. We process data on behalf of data controllers (our clients), for the purposes of risk evaluation and the automation of compliance operations only. Our platform stores the personal data in encrypted form, and can respond to requests for removal of data.

In this way, we avoid a vulnerability faced by other identity databases or risk mitigation services, who store searchable user data for marketing purposes. We have architected our data using cryptographic technologies which allow us to match and compare data without needing to store the actual identity data. Building our platform to inherently protect the privacy of customers in this way is called Privacy by Design.

If you want to know more, we created a guide on how we fit into your GDPR-compliance process, and our CMO Jose Caldera wrote a blog post further explaining how our product was developed with the Privacy by Design principle and reduces the burden of GDPR compliance.

GDPR, IdentityMind, and You

If you’re also heading to KNOW Identity 2018, you can:
  • Find us on booth #304
  • Catch our CMO Jose Caldera on the panel for “Compliance as Competitive Advantage”, listed above
  • Drop in to our demo session on Verification on Tuesday March 27 at 11:40 – 12:30
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