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We’re looking forward to exhibiting next week at the sixth annual LendIt FinTech USA conference in San Francisco on April 9-10. The conference was focused on online lenders when it was first started in 2013 and has expanded to include FinTech, digital banking, and a co-located event covering blockchain in financial services.

As a result, the conference has sessions on digital real estate, investor opportunities, consumer lending and financial AI among many others topics. Here are the five sessions from the schedule which caught our eye.

The Future of Credit: Reimagining the Financing Ecosystem

Date: Monday April 9, 9:50 – 10:10am
Panel: Max Levchin, Affirm | Alex Rampell, Andreessen Horowitz

“As the retail industry has evolved, credit has remained an equally dynamic financing instrument, moving from early store layaway to today’s digital payments. But retail experiences are continuing to evolve beyond the capabilities of traditional credit and lending. Entrepreneur Max Levchin will share his thoughts on why we need to reimagine the financing ecosystem from the ground up in order to unlock the future of credit.”

IdentityMind believes that digital identities will play a key part in the financing ecosystem. From the reliance on ever-broader sources of data, technologically sophisticated fraudsters, to the advantages of monitoring long-term behaviors of market participants, digital identities are well-positioned to help companies accurately gauge the risk posed by any given entity or transaction. 

Digital Identity Evaluation Guide

Digital Identity: The Makings of a Safer FinTech Market

Date: Monday April 9, 3:10 – 3:50pm
Panel: Bipin Sahni, Wells Fargo | Husayn Kassai, Onfido | Michael Homeier, Homeier Law PC

The current risk assessment model is weighed down by static credit bureau-style information that doesn’t change and is just a sitting duck for the next hacking attack. And, because it is so focused on current financial measures, it leaves thin file prospects standing on the sidelines. Digital identities offer a solution to these issues.

By building digital representations of customers and applying link analysis, we create reputation scores that help companies assess new customer trustworthiness. This allows companies to let in more trusted customers while keeping fraudsters on the outside. Ultimately, this provides a better user experience, a safer financial environment and greater access. Instead of a one-size fits all risk approach, this allows for a better experience where the most trusted customers get shown the express lane while suspicious customers receive a few more checks.

Effective KYC in Digital Environments

Combatting Synthetic Fraud

Date: Monday April 9, 3:10 – 3:50pm
Panel: Amador Testa, Emailage | Naftali Harris, SentiLink | Garient Evans, ID Analytics | Peter Maynard, Equifax | John Donovan, Wheat Financial (US)

Synthetic identities are reported to make up about 20% of the identity fraud banks and FinTech organizations are experiencing. One of the key difficulties for traditional financial institutions is that their current identity validation tools are too dependent on credit header data, which is insufficient for distinguishing between new attractive demographics who have no significant credit history (e.g. millenials) and synthetic identities.

IdentityMind’s digital identities offer entity link analysis and machine learning, in addition to traditional data sources, to identify synthetic identities. In a recent study with a major financial institution, our platform excelled at identifying suspicious identities, and in particular synthetic identities. IdentityMInd technology partner ID Analytics will be sharing how their insights into ecommerce risk and creditworthiness help combat synthetic fraud.

Using ID Verification to Fight Financial Crime

Date: Monday April 9, 4:10 – 4:50pm
Panel: Sarah Clark, Mitek | Sunil Madhu, Socure | Charles Delingpole, ComplyAdvantage | Andrew Dix, Crowdfund Insider

Mitek, another IdentityMind partner and data provider, enables us to offer document verification capabilities on our platform and through our KYC plugin. With online and mobile channels establishing themselves as the channel of choice for consumers, Mitek’s expertise in document verification and mobile transactions helps companies do business more safely.

Balancing Risk and the Mobile User Experience

Digital Identity Solutions for KYC and AML

Date: Tuesday April 10, 2:50 – 3:10pm
Panel: Jor Law, Verify Investor | Dan Elitzer, IDEO | Juan Llanos, ConsenSys

“All institutional quality financial institutions must have a well defined KYC and AML process. The blockchain adds new dimensions to this process. Learn about the pros and cons of how digital identity is being used for KYC/AML.”

Know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) processes must be designed to constantly stay one step ahead of fraud and money laundering schemes. Traditional tools may account for known risks, but digital identities hold a rich web of data, (phone numbers, device ID, IP addresses and more) to monitor activity on an ongoing basis. By using digital identities for purposes beyond authentication, we enable businesses to develop a risk-based approach, keeping operational costs down without compromising on effectiveness.

The Trusted Digital Identities White Paper

Will you be at the show? Come meet us at Booth 1832 and see what our digital identity-based solutions can do for you.
We’ll also be at Finovate and IMTC over the next few months, you can see where we’ll be and book meetings with us on our website.