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Next week’s inaugural Money20/20 Asia in Singapore is shaping up to be a great conference, bringing together the vibrant payments and FinTech community from some of the world’s most dynamic markets. Established incumbents will be rubbing shoulders with scrappy start-ups, regulators, and thought leaders to share and shape their thoughts on the existing and potential ways we use, manage, and interact with money.

Here are some of the sessions that stood out for us.

What does the future of remittances look like in the next 1-3 years?

Date: Tuesday March 13, 11:55 – 12:35

Chair: Faisal Khan, CEO, Faisal Khan & Company

Moderator: Dilip Ratha, Head of KNOMAD, Lead Economist, World Bank

Panel: Michael Liu, Regional Director APAC , WorldRemit | Lukas May, Head of Banking , TransferWise | Prajit Nanu, Co-Founder & CEO , InstaReM | Dilip Ratha, Head of KNOMAD Lead Economist , World Bank | Jack Zhang, Co-Founder & CEO , Airwallex

In a nutshell: Learn about the what the largest remitter’s in the world are currently thinking about and working on.

“Remittances is becoming a margins game so how can value be created going forward? Players are evolving their models to build additional products of value from current accounts to lending. How will this move effect the payments value chain? How will new partnerships between tech giants and incumbent players shape the landscape? What does the right balance between a physical and digital model look like? This session will explore what the future holds for the remittance space.”

The international remittance market continues to expand through a global workforce, with the World Bank forecasting growth of 3-4% over the timespan in question. New players are emerging in cross border payments, catering to niches such as users exclusively on mobile channels or sending money to specific corridors. IdentityMind currently helps over 30 Money Service Businesses, from the largest to the launching, with machine learning, automated onboarding, transaction monitoring, and the flexibility to set multi-jurisdiction rules.

IdentityMind for MSBs

Addressing emerging KYC challenges across APAC

Date: Tuesday March 13, 16:50 – 17:30

Chair: Amos Kater, Director Advisory & Education Services, UL Transaction Security

Moderator: Tek Yew, Partner and Head of Financial Services Advisory, KPMG

Panel: Akim Arhipov, Managing Director , BAASIS ID | Tek Yew Chia, Partner & Head of Financial Services Advisory , KPMG | Connie Leung, Senior Director, Financial Industry Services Lead – Asia , Microsoft | Sangram Singh, CEO, FreeCharge; EVP & Head, Cards & Payments Business , Axis Bank Ltd | Gene Vayngrib, CEO & Co-Founder , Tradle

In a nutshell: What are the regional KYC concerns that must be addressed when dealing with customers KYC in the APAC region?

Whether you’re a bank, government organisation or a tech giant, Know Your Customer (“KYC”) processes continue to be one of the most challenging compliance issues. At times, hugely inefficient, mired with time-consuming and labour-intensive manual processes, how do you verify your next set of customers? In this session, we will explore the challenges and opportunities in KYC along with customer identity validation, and fraud prevention. Is blockchain tech truly the key to a viable KYC utility – or is this a case of a technical solution in search of a problem? Hear from the execs as they explore the future.”

Tackling inefficient, time-consuming and labor-intensive KYC is a core issue for us and our clients, who want to be able to support their growth with a scalable way to assess and onboard good customers online, and in new markets. Our global online identity verification service runs customer data through a battery of KYC tests to protect against new account fraud prevention and mitigate compliance risk.

Know Your Customer with IdentityMind


Challenges of Cryptocurrencies in Today’s Regulated World

Date: Tuesday March 13, 17:00 – 17:15

Chair: Katherine Ng, VP & CMO, QUOINE

Speakers: Bobby Lee, Founder & CEO , BTCC

In a nutshell: What is the state of regulations for cryptocurrencies, and what’s going on with China?

There are a huge number of vexing questions that have been left unanswered around scaling, security and governance of cryptocurrencies. Where regulators have cracked down, the impact on crypto markets is huge and companies have to pivot fast to stay ahead. So what should be the role of regulators? And just how corrupt is this market anyway? The founder of one of China’s biggest Bitcoin companies shares his experiences of facing the Chinese authorities and his views on which cryptocurrencies are a scam.”

We discussed the Chinese authorities’ stance on ICOs as illegal public fundraising in a recent webinar (see below) and closely track the regulatory temperature towards cryptocurrencies and ICOs around the world. IdentityMind has been working with virtual currency companies since 2013, providing compliance services which have withstood the scrutiny of national and state audits.

19 Regulatory Insights for ICOs Worldwide

Exploring new datasets and models that are enabling smarter credit decisions

Date: Wednesday March 14, 15:30 – 16:00

Moderator: Andrew Vorster, Foresight Consultant,

Panel: James Chan, CEO, Southeast Asia , Wecash | Simon Loong, Founder & CEO , WeLab

In a nutshell: How can the digital economy onboard the next billion customers without compromising on accuracy and regulatory responsiveness?

Having a credit model that utilises the latest machine learning technology is crucial to improving accuracy and ensuring sustainable growth. What is the secret recipe for the perfect decisioning model? How can this scale across the region and how will lending regulation affect this? Plugging in the next billion consumers and SMEs to the financial world relies on new data sources from multiple channels, but what are the next essential sources of data and how will these change the landscape?”

Each one of us leaves a digital footprint when we perform financial transactions, open accounts, or even log in to online services. This data can be invaluable to financial institutions for building a profile of typical vs. risky behavior in their users, if they are able to note and correlate this activity. We track over 50 attributes to form a digital identity with our eDNA technology. Moreover, we are always developing and seeking out technology partners to integrate more data sources to make that digital identity as rich as possible.

Digital Identities – The Key to Better Risk Management


Authentication of Digital Identities

Date: Thursday March 15, 11:30 – 12:00

Chair: Dave Birch, Director of Innovation, Consult Hyperion

Panel: Philippe Blot, Co-Founder , MeReal Biometrics | Sungsoo Kim, Product and Business Development Manager , Samsung Pass | Craig Ramsay, Global Innovation Lead for Global Liquidity & Cash Management , HSBC

In a nutshell: How will the technology for identity authentication be integrated into businesses at large?

It’s one thing to link something in the real world to something in the virtual world, but how does the real world thing control access to the virtual world thing? This is the problem that authentication has to solve, balancing the UX with the strength of the authentication (where one size very definitely does not fit all). The good news is that authentication technology is getting better all the time, with consumers getting used to fingerprints and face recognition. What is the technology roadmap and how does it work for real-world businesses?”

Identitymind is built on the concept of digital identities, with the multiple attributes tracked to  detect fake or synthetic data. In fact, our digital identities can be used for purposes beyond authentication, providing information on whether someone is authorized to use the data presented, if you are able to do business with the potential customer and if you want to do business with a potential customer. We enable businesses to develop a risk-based approach using digital identities.

The Trusted Digital Identities White Paper

Will you be at the show? Come meet us at Booth E42 to chat digital identities and the role they will play in risk and compliance in this digital economy.