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On May 23rd, we launched IdentityMind 2.0 at our Latin American headquarters in Mexico City. At the event, clients including AirTM, Biccos and Bitt shared their business experiences as virtual currency exchanges and FinTech startups. Our partners CipherTrace and Mitek were also on hand to provide their expertise on cryptocurrency compliance and identity verification technology.

Ultimately, nearly 100 prospects, clients and partners joined us to get a detailed look at the new 2.0 platform. They saw IdentityMind’s next generation AML platform, a platform designed to supercharge their compliance efforts.  A platform that delivers user-centric AML transaction monitoring through the lens of a risk-based approach.

Jorge Ruiz, AirTM’s CTO & co-founder said that IdentityMind 2.0 was “…fast, practical and has the features we need to comply with our AML compliant processes”.


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