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The upcoming Lendit Conference, April 11-12, has a very well thought out agenda covering all the essential items for starting a company, growing a company, and dealing with a suddenly large company. This conference also has a stacked deck of speakers who know what it’s like to grow something, as well as have something fail to grow as expected.

Online Lending has its behemoths (LendingClub, Prosper), its up and comers (Pave) and a variety of different up and coming technologies everyone is looking forward to- including fraud algorithms, the blockchain, and non-FICO credit scores.

I’ve divided this list of our top sessions into the following three categories:

  1. Knowledge from the Experts
  2. Growth and Scaling
  3. Regulatory Developments


Knowledge from the Experts  

Session 1: Opening Keynote Presentation
Monday, April 11 th, 8:40am
– Renee Laplanche, CEO, LendingClub

LendingClub Market Cap: $3.02B
Lending Club Growth, Number of Loans: 114% YoY

The quote “As GM Goes, So Goes the Nation,” can now be repurposed for LendingClub- as they go, so does online lending. In this session, CEO Renee Laplanche will provide insight into the state of the industry, scaling, and potential issues on the horizon.

Session 2: Platform Founders’ Stories
Tuesday, April 12th
– David Klein, CommonBond
– David Girouard, Upstart
– Michael Solomon, CircleBack Lending
– Dave Gilbert, National Funding
– Moderator: Jason Jones, LendIt

Arguably the most interesting session and potentially the most informative. Founders’ stories are often extremely insightful for listeners to hear about their achievement, on challenges met, competitors bested, and obstacles overcome.


Growth and Scaling

Session 3: Scaling in Overdrive
Monday, April 11th
– Josh Tonderys, Prosper
– Jeffrey Meiler, Marlette
– Scott Sanborn, Lending Club
– Adam Hughes, Avant
– Moderator: Nigel Morris, QED Investors

Online Lending is an industry where you must be growing, and by large amounts. Of course, this is easier said than done. While the industry itself is growing, what is the best way to grow as a platform? There are many ways to grow: working with lead generators, lowering standards, targeted outreach, etc… A great way to find out is to speak to people who have already grown sucessfully.

Session 4: How Platforms can Partner with Banks

Tuesday, April 12th, 2:45pm
– Noah Breslow, OnDeck
– Kathryn Petralia, Kabbage
– Vince Passione, LendKey
– Sam Graziano, Fundation
– Andrew Deringer, Lending Club
– Moderator Charles Wendel, FIC Advisors, Inc.

Gone are the days of online lenders replacing banks… today, banks are viewed as great partners and a strong relationship with a bank or banks is critical for rapid growth. For Marketplace lenders, banking partners can help fill out both sides of the marketplace- by funding loans on your platform, and providing customers.

Likewise, online lenders provide banks with ways to:

  • Diversify their portfolio/mitigate risk
  • Keep clients
  • Substantial returns

This session will detail how online lenders can partner with banks, the issues therein, and how they’ve used those partnerships to scale.

Regulatory Overview

Session 5: The Regulatory Outlook from the CFPB
– Jeff Langer, CFPB

The question on everyone’s mind right now is what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) will do regarding online lending. Raj Date, who previously led the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, mentioned that while the U.S. Treasury issued the RFI related to online lending, they are not a regulatory agency and he expects CFPB to issue guidance this summer. Everyone is hoping the guidance, or insight into it, will be released at this conference.

LendIt has a great line-up of main sessions, deep-dives, special events, and workshops. If you’re also attending the show – Schedule time to meet with us at our booth!
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