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Comply with Fintech Regulation  IdentityMind All-in-One AML & Risk Platform 

We Know FinTech Regulation. We Know what compliance you need.

We do Fintech AML. We do it right.

The Swiss-Army knife Anti-Money Laundering Fintech Compliance and Fraud Prevention Platform


We understand everything you need to fulfill your AML Fintech compliance (specific) requirements. Those requirements imposed by the regulatory authorities, and those imposed by your banking partners. But more importantly we understand your process and we have solutions. We know that when you are starting your business there are many uncertainties, and as you grow, your operational needs evolve and must be efficient, because when FinTechs grow, they grow fast.


We understand how stressful audits can be when you have multiple vendors that provide point solutions, and your team is trying to manage everything with spreadsheets and shared documents. You may think that doing this right with the proper tools is too expensive… but you are mistaken. It is not.

Reduce Transactional Fraud by


Reduce Onboarding Fraud by


Key Features

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) 
  • Sanctions and PEP screening
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Case Management and Operational Workflows
  • Regulatory Reporting


  • Fastest path to Anti-money Laundering Fintech compliance
  • Operational cost effectiveness no matter how small or large your teams are
  • Best-of-breed technologies in a single platform
  • Establish and maintain banking relationships

Why IdentityMind

  • Only platform to satisfy all Fintech AML compliance and fraud prevention requirements
  • Helping over 400 FinTechs clients worldwide to meet regulatory requirements and remain compliant
  • Out-of-the-box KYC solution – It takes few minutes
    • Most convenient pricing model regardless the size of your business
  • Ready to scale as your business grows

You may also think that you can build it yourself by assigning few resources here and there. But we can prove to you that it is not a good idea to use your resources’ few spare cycles building a solution that will not give you what your team needs, and that it won’t scale. We can guarantee that you want those resources working in your business. Because at the end of the day, KYC, Sanctions/PEP screening, Transaction Monitoring and Fraud Prevention is what we do. And we do it well. And if we don’t we will work with you to make it work for you.


You see, we know all of this because we have the largest FinTech base of clients worldwide that uses a single platform to meet most if not all of the AML compliance and fraud prevention requirements.


Fastest Path to Anti-Money Laundering Fintech Compliance

  • IDM Online. Best contract terms in the market.
  • KYC Plugin. Ready-to-deploy KYC solution. Up in minutes.
  • All-in-one platform. Single API to access all services

Operational Cost Effectiveness

  • One operational user interface: case management, queue management, regulatory reporting, performance reporting.
  • Single vendor management. No contractual agreements with vendors in platform.
  • Leverage across compliance functions. 

Best-of-Breed Technologies in a Single Platform

  • Machine learning, dynamic risk profiling, statistical anomaly detection
  • 20+ integrated recognized point solutions
  • Patented digital identities platform

Establish & Maintain Banking Relationships

  • Never fail an audit
  • Ready-to-share reports
  • A proven partner with market certifications: GDPR, SOC, PCI
Key Features


  • Worldwide Document Validation / Identity Data Verification
  • Customer Identification Program (CIP) / Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)
  • Real-time


  Sanctions Screening

  • 300+ Lists: OFAC, EU Freeze Lists, OSFI, CNBV, HMT, etc
  • Worldwide PEP
  • Fully Customizable


  Transaction Monitoring

  • Customizable Alerts
  • Automated Reduction of False Positives
  • Full and Robust Reporting


  Fraud Prevention

  • Ensemble of Fraud Models: Machine Learning, Rules, Statistical Analysis.
  • Customizable Profiles to Segment Risk Levels
  • Identity Reputation and Graph Score


  Case Management & Operational Workflows

  • User Interface For Analysts, Business Leadership/Officer, and Auditors
  • Automatic Routing of Alerts and Cases
  • Configurable User Roles and Access Management


  Regulatory Reporting

  • SAR, STR, CNBV Integrated Filing
  • Automated Form Population: Narrative, Templates, etc.
  • Supporting Reports for Audits
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