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Risk and Compliance can look complicated from the point of view of an ICO-issuer.

For some issuers, risk and compliance is not part of their every day business, and simply a newly required step for the ICO. However, for all issuers, regulators want to know that they have performed due diligence (KYC – Know Your Customer) to understand who their contributors are, to block sanctioned and risky contributors, and to understand where their funds are coming from.

These requirements can look like a black box that can tie up resources in compliance operations. Ultimately, the key question is: how do you comply with KYC regulations without breaking the bank or turning away or blocking legitimate customers?

IdentityMind has developed a product with these concerns in mind. We call it the KYC Plugin. It is a SaaS product that can be deployed within days, and contains the logic you need to effectively collect KYC information from your potential contributors, screen it as required, and make the right decision. Automatically. You don’t have to be a compliance expert to comply expertly.

Join us in our upcoming webinar to see how IdentityMind’s helps ICO-issuers painlessly comply with KYC requirements on Wednesday March 14th at 11:00am PDT.

KYC Compliance for ICOs Made Easier

Registration is free, and if you can’t make it, you can always sign-up and watch it on demand later.