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New Version 2.0 Platform Proves Popular Among Compliance and Risk Management Professionals in Financial Services, Banking, and Virtual Currencies

PALO ALTO, CA., September 26, 2018 – IdentityMind Global™, Digital Identities You Can Trust, today announced that it will be showcasing its pioneering trusted digital identity-based compliance, risk management, and fraud prevention Version 2.0 platform in Booth 111 at ACAMS AML and Financial Crime Conference, October 3 – 5, in Las Vegas.

IdentityMind’s solutions are popular among the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) members who specialize in financial crime detection and prevention. IdentityMind’s SaaS-based platform helps ACAMS risk and compliance professionals build, maintain and analyze digital identities worldwide, allowing them to perform identity proofing, risk-based authentication, regulatory identification, and to detect and prevent identity fraud.

“IdentityMind has been a longtime partner of the ACAMS community, providing them with market-leading anti-money laundering (AML) solutions that keep suspicious users out while allowing trusted users to proceed,” said Jose Caldera, Chief Products and Marketing Officer, IdentityMind. “Over the years, we’ve worked in close consultation with members of the ACAMS community and global regulatory agencies — listening to their needs and soliciting their requirements — and responded with new, breakthrough product innovations.”

According to Caldera, in just the last year alone, IdentityMind Global introduced:

  • Version 2.0 Platform: IdentityMind’s Version 2.0 of its award winning platform is focused on advancing transaction monitoring anti-money laundering (AML) through the introduction of a user-centric, risk-based approach, which regulators favor. It was designed to provide users with the industry’s most accurate and efficient AML compliance results through dynamic modeling, a transparent access framework, and contextual identity analysis designed to help supercharge a company’s compliance efforts.
  • RegTech Webstore: An industry first, IdentityMind’s online RegTech Webstore enables firms located anywhere in the world to integrate regulatory compliance functions directly into their solutions quickly and easily. IdentityMind plugins are easily customizable, all-inclusive RegTech solutions ready to deploy in web applications covering the key anti-money laundering functions: know your customer (KYC), sanctions screening and transaction monitoring. It’s the perfect channel for small and medium-sized FinTechs, marketplaces, virtual currency exchanges, small lenders, and person-to-person payment (P2P) firms to enhance their platforms.
  • KYC Plugin:  Capitalizing on the extraordinary global growth of FinTech and other blockchain-based companies conducting initial coin offerings (ICOs), IdentityMind delivered KYC Plug-in for organizations (small and large) performing ICOs — enabling companies to perform all the required know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering checks on ICO participants to meet compliance regulations. Today, IdentityMind is working with over 50 virtual currency exchanges around the world and almost 200 hundred of FinTech, and other blockchain-based companies conducting a compliant ICO or security token offering (STO).

IdentityMind solutions that benefit ACAMS members are recognized by a variety of leading market analysts including Forrester “Vendor Landscape: Anti-Money Laundering Solutions,” April 2017; Sample Regtech Vendor in Gartner’s “Hype Cycle for Digital Banking Transformation, 2018,” July 2018; Leading AML Advanced Analytics Vendor in Aite Group’s “The AML of Tomorrow: Here Today,” July 2018; and IDC Innovator in International Data Corporation’s “IDC Innovators: Identity Proofing Solutions to Prevent New Account Fraud and Enhance KYC Compliance, 2018,” July 2018.


About IdentityMind Global

IdentityMind Global, Digital Identities You Can Trust, provides a SaaS platform that builds, maintains and analyzes digital identities worldwide, allowing companies to perform identity proofing, risk-based authentication, regulatory identification, and to detect and prevent identity fraud. Built-in transaction monitoring enables e-commerce fraud prevention, anti-money laundering (AML), and counter terrorism financing (CTF). Our patented eDNA™ technology securely tracks the entities involved in each transaction (e.g. onboarding, account origination, money transfers, online payments, etc.) to build unique digital identity trust reputations. This reputation is anonymously shared between customers in IdentityMind’s Global Identity Network. For more information, visit IdentityMind on Web, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blog, and Google+.

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