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Transaction monitoring is the centerpiece of a successful AML compliance program, and is required to meet AML and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) regulations. However, we know that companies have to contend with the high cost of compliance operations, often due to outdated, unreliable compliance systems that hold back potential success.

For IdentityMind 2.0, we completely rethought our digital identity platform starting with Transaction Monitoring. The best compliance programs take a risk-based approach, employing more stringent measures for higher-risk customers, while employing more lenient measures for trusted customers. That’s why we made sure that 2.0 features a new user-centric, risk based approach that is favored by regulators.

What makes this milestone even more special for us is that we were able to achieve it by collaborating with our clients. By working through the real world challenges they face and understanding their issues, we were able to confidently deliver a complete solution for their AML needs.

We’ll be digging into what 2.0 offers, and how our clients helped us to get there. Join us to learn about the dynamic modeling, contextual analysis, analyst- and investigator-optimized capabilities which we have built into our supercharged platform.

IdentityMind 2.0: How our Clients Helped us Shape Transaction Monitoring will begin on Wednesday June 6th at 11:00am PDT.

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