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The latest release of the IdentityMind platform, version 1.35, is out. In this release, we’ve continued to broaden the range of widgets offered, new AML capabilities, fine-tuned email security testing, and added a range of document verification improvements through our integration with Mitek.

AML Transaction Monitoring

AML Transaction Monitoring is a core area within our compliance capabilities. The new AML Transaction Monitoring features add a new way to perform cohort analysis.

In release 1.35:

  • We’ve added a Customer Group Comparison widget. This allows you to easily, visually contrast a user’s transfers against different groups, quickly highlighting whether their behavior is in line or anomalous. Comparisons can be performed on:
    • User vs. AML Risk Profile
    • User vs. Tags
    • User vs. Account Age
    • User vs. Country



It’s not uncommon for someone to own multiple electronic devices, change shipping addresses, or set up new email addresses within the span of a few years. We are always improving our KYC solution to better distinguish legitimate attributes and changes from suspicious ones.  

In release 1.35:

  • The ability to assess the riskiness associated with an email address has been enhanced with a new test. Clients can now check whether an email being evaluated is present in the Neustar Repository. Clients can use this test in conjunction with the “Email Confidence” security test to reach a more accurate resulting score.

Document Verification

Document Verification is an key part of the KYC process. It helps with identity proofing, and ultimately contributes to higher quality user analysis, ultimately reduces processing times and costs.

In release 1.35:

  • We now check whether a type of ID is supported by our partner Mitek before it is sent on for document verification. Only supported documents are sent onwards, so you are only charged for verifiable documents.
  • Documents to be verified by Mitek are now routed between Automatic and Manual modes based on the geographic and document type coverage offered. Clients who want to send IDs that are not covered in Auto mode will be routed to manual, as long as manual is enabled.


  • Facial Match is now available when verifying documents in Manual mode with Mitek
  • The “Document Authentic” test has been enhanced to reduce false positives and false negatives. This test is triggered only when providers who can perform the authenticity check are available.

These features are available now to customers using our AML and KYC capabilities.If you are a customer and have questions about these features, please contact the support team here. If you are interested in these features, contact the demo team to get started.