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You know what you need to do to make your AML program a success. But, the gap between what you know you need and what you can deliver relegates those plans to the wish list.

You’ve tried connecting different systems and data sources but find yourself stuck with a limited system that cannot keep up with what you need to be effective. The operational impact is significant and the fear of missing something important is ever-present.

Modern technologies like IdentityMind can help you bridge the gap. Our RegTech solution delivers a risk-based approach that is highly cost efficient and provides a level of accuracy that other AML Transaction Processing systems cannot provide. IdentityMind 2.0’s machine learning and time series anomaly detection capabilities reduce false alerts, increase automation, and delivers an adaptable system that fits your infrastructure and your AML needs.

We invite you to listen to Julie Conroy, Research Director at Aite Group and Jose Caldera, Chief Products and Marketing Officer at IdentityMind at next week’s webinar. Julie brings more than a decade of hands-on product management experience working with financial institutions, payments processors, and risk management companies, and Jose is backed by 20 years’ experience developing enterprise management products prior to joining IdentityMind.

They will be discussing the current landscape of threats and compliance risk, how new technologies can address them, and a path for moving from legacy systems to the adoption of these new technologies.

Take Your AML Operations from Wish List to Success will begin on Thursday June 28th at 11:00am PDT.

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