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On July 20th, Bright Talk hosted a webinar titled: Mobile Payments: Disruptive innovations or security threat? The distinguished panel included IdentityMind’s Head of Products and Marketing, Jose Caldera. Other panelists included Kristian Sørensen from Norfico, Mario Maawad from CaixaBank, Giles Sutherland from Carta, and Douglas Kinloch from Inside Secure.

The session focused on security and risk management in the world of mobile payments with detailed topics including:

  • Protecting online identities
  • Securing mobile apps
  • Balancing security with convenience
  • Tokenization: solving security issues or introduce new problems?
  • Biometric security and ease of use
  • Whether consumers are driven by security or by trust
  • Whether security is moving in the right direction

To listen to the recording of this webinar, please click this link.