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Weave | Sanctions Screening

Digital Identity Platform for Global Sanctions Screening and Politically Exposed Person Search

IdentityMind Sanctions Screening improves the accuracy and efficiency of your sanctions screening effort and Politically Exposed Person (PEP) search using graph intelligence. It combines IdentityMind’s patent-pending eDNA™ technology to build, analyze, and verify digital identities with the ability to look at an individuals’ known associations through public data, social network analysis, deep web, dark web, and other private data sources.  Reduce false-positives by 50% — saving time and money.


Reduce False-Positives

Lower False-Negatives

Operational Costs

Scale with Automation

Bad matching can create a lot of extra work through follow up on a flood of erroneous alerts. IdentityMind can reduce your false positives by using the right lists on the right people, and through our matching engine. We match against strong aliases (i.e. a.k.a), and also against the original character-set. We use CosineSimilarity, Phonetic and distance  algorithms and we filter by date of birth, and by location. This all adds up to more accurate results and more efficient operations.
Key Features

More Accurate Results

List Filtering

IdentityMind provides access to over 350 sanctions lists. And using our filtering – view matches based on name, location, DOB, social network connectivity strength, along with advanced matching algorithms – and rules, you can decide who should be screened against which list.

Access to Data from Social Networks, Deep Web, and Dark Web

Identify connections from social networks, the deep web (data not indexed by internet search), and the dark web (data not accessible by normal internet browsers).

Configurable by Product Line, Geography, and Risk

Adjust the lists screened against, minimum name score, and whether phonetic matching is enabled, by product, geography or risk level.

Identity Graph Intelligence

Benefit from Electronic DNA (eDNA™), IdentityMind’s core technology, to see matches based on associations and the strength of those associations.

Operational Efficiency

Prebuilt Examiner Reports

The platform automatically produces the reports required by examiners to demonstrate your effectiveness in flagging users, reviewing potential matches, and performing enhanced due diligence.

Automated, Continuous Monitoring

Control and configure periodic rescreening of customers and only receive a flag if a new match occurs—one that was not previously investigated and ruled out as a false positive.

Case Management with Built-In SAR Filing

All investigative notes are recorded, including the results of KYC and EDD. In addition, pre-populated Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) are available with one click.

Queue Management

Managers can assign potential matches to compliance specialists for investigation and have full visibility into each queue. Compliance specialists can assign matches back to managers for final review

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