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We know that the online world is different from the physical world in where and how -people  interact. The centerpiece of the digital world, as it is in the physical world, is trust, and ultimately, identity. Do you know who you are doing business with… and do you trust them? Identity is fundamental to the trust equation, and was notably absent from the digital world. We knew that when we launched IdentityMind a few years back. And, we knew that when we introduced our platform to the world, working to bring integrity to the digital economy.

Last year we opened our regional headquarters in Mexico City to support our growing base of Latin American region customers like AIrTM, Biccos, Bitt, Fluz Fluz, Pontual and Xapo. And we also wanted to learn and  reflect that learning back into our product and the company overall. And, of course we wanted to help new customers to benefit from our digital identity platform by reducing their fraud and lowering their compliance and operational costs.

This is why IdentityMind is hosting an event on May 23rd in Mexico City. We will introduce our Latin American team, some of our most innovative customers, and we will be launching our next generation product, IdentityMind Version 2.0.

IdentityMind Version 2.0 uses digital identities and machine learning to provide a higher fidelity version of the risk-based compliance approach that regulators favor. While most companies set a user’s risk level based on their KYC when they were onboarded, IdentityMind leverages a dynamic, transparent and contextual system that continually adjusts a user’s risk profile based on their actions, behavior, comparisons with other users, SAR filings and more. The result is a highly effective system that continually adjusts to provide the most accurate reading of customer risk and allows companies to map their processes correspondingly. We think that this could be a game changer for many of you looking to improve your risk and compliance efficiency.